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Victorian Square Parking Structure

Victorian style parking structure for the City of Sparks, NV

Architectural details and Victorian style harmonize new parking structure with downtown Sparks, NV

The City of Sparks gave Komorous-Towey Architects and the Watry Design Group the challenge to design a parking structure that would incorporate the Victorian theme established for their new downtown retail and movie theater complex. KTA found inspiration for the building’s architectural form from Victorian Era train stations. The double high, double wide bays recall the vaults used in large transportation buildings at the turn of the century.

This structure was designed within the established budget and within the very aggressive design schedule of 3½ months without sacrificing the architectural details. All of these goals were met and the structure completed construction just 20 months after the design contract was awarded.

The main focal points of the structure are the stair and elevator towers located at the corners. The massing of the building mirrors the curved corner of the site. This 702 stall parking structure is the largest single building in the complex and will be duplicated as part of the master plan for the entire complex on the opposite side of the theater. Double bay panels in the design reduce the perceived length and height of the structure.

The design incorporates expansion opportunities to the south. This design feature was utilized by a developer to construct a new luxury apartment complex with ground floor retail and additional parking.

KTA received awards from both the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the International Parking Institute (IPI) for this project.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : City of Sparks
  • Location : Victorian Plaza, Sparks, NV
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