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Locust Street Parking Structure

Parking Structure in downtown Walnut Creek

New parking structure harmoniously blends with historic downtown walnut creek

The City of Walnut Creek wished to build a parking structure to meet the growing needs of retail shops and restaurants in downtown Walnut Creek while harmonizing with the area’s small town scale and mood.

Komorous-Towey Architects’ experience designing elegant structures made them the perfect choice to work with the City of Walnut Creek’s discriminating Design Review Board. The architectural firm collaborated with the Watry Design Group for structural design, parking layout and construction documents throughout all phases of the project.

The parking structure’s highly articulated façade allows the large building to blend with smaller surrounding shops and restaurants. The design is further refined with details like brick, tile, metal rail accents, and an EIFS finish over concrete and concrete block.
Pedestrian activity on the busy sidewalk is embraced by the design, giving the downtown area a friendly, lively feel. Vibration and noise control issues arising from cars inside the structure were successfully resolved.

The Locust Street Parking Structure serves as an example of how a parking facility can become a part of a shopping street rather than stand apart as a blank, unattractive box. Upscale tenants were offering double the rent for available retail space before construction was completed.

The project received praise from the City of Walnut Creek, store owners and the public. New retail tenants were attracted to Walnut Creek’s downtown. These tenants include an elegant Italian restaurant and a famous gourmet deli. Both use the sidewalk for outdoor seating further enhancing the small town atmosphere.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : City of Walnut Creek
  • Location : 1350 Locust Street, Walnut Creek, CA
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