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JoAnn’s B Street Cafe

classic American diner in San Mateo

Classic American dinner in the heart of San Mateo’s historic downtown

JoAnn’s “B” Street Café was to be a second location for the popular JoAnn’s Café in South San Francisco, known for its friendly atmosphere and the owner’s signature dishes. The new restaurant in San Mateo’s historic downtown district was to reflect an American diner sensibility and the owner’s vibrant personality.

The architects selected the year 1949 as being the most representative of the style the owner desired. Design elements from the light fixtures and the linoleum floor pattern to curved metal railings and chrome-accented tables and chairs were selected to fit the theme.

The owner’s favorite color – red – was incorporated into the table tops. Comfortable booths and warm wood tones created a homey coziness. A display of baked goods at the store front added to the relaxed ambiance.

KTA took advantage of the building’s high ceilings to create a double height restaurant with a mezzanine dining space.

Signage could not be placed on the building’s exterior due to its historical status. KTA met this challenge by devising a large interior marquee that was highly visible from outside the restaurant. The illuminated marquee warmed the dining area with color. Period correct details and a notice board section, providing space for local notices and news, were integrated into the sign.

JoAnn’s “B” Street Café with its post-World-War-II details and its bright, warm ambiance reflected the owner’s vision of a classic American diner for the modern breakfast and lunch patron.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : JoAnn
  • Location : B Street, San Mateo, CA
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