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Marshall Street Parking Structure

Downtown parking structure in Redwood City

Elegant new parking structure for Redwood City’s historic downtown

Komorous-Towey Architects designed a public parking structure to provide needed parking in the heart of Redwood City’s downtown shopping district. The new structure was to fit the context of the historical downtown area.

An exterior façade of traditional material finishes complements nearby historical buildings while embracing modern styles.

The three-story parking structure has symmetrical towers that define the stairwells, elevators and entry. This feature makes a practical aspect of the building visually appealing and easy to locate.

Landscaped lightwells located in the center of the parking structure bring natural light to the building interior. The use of cable rails at the interior lightwell transform a code requirement into an expressive feature and maximize interior daylight.

Decorative elements at the second floor column caps reflect the long-span beam connections utilized throughout the structure. Clever use of these elements also serves to shield tendon anchors and weatherizes precast connections.

The Marshall Street Parking Structure has been praised by patrons and merchants in the shopping district. The Mayor of Redwood City called the structure “perhaps the finest new building in town.”

The City Manager stated that the building exceeded the city’s expectations. He added that the structure had a “creeping elegance,” a phrase he coined to mean that the parking structure had raised the standard for design initially expected, and for all subsequent new buildings in the area.

KTA was the design architect for this project, working in collaboration with the Watry Design Group.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : City of Redwood City
  • Location : 750 Marshall Street, Redwood City, CA
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