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Integral Design Group Headquarters

Deep Green Office, certified LEED Platinum

The Renovation and Rehabilitation of Oakland’s First LEED-NC v2.2 Platinum certified building for

KTA provided architectural services for new offices for the Integral Group in a 1930s Art Deco building in downtown Oakland. This project demonstrates our commitment to designing practical, affordable, and highly resource-efficient buildings. KTA designed the Tenant Improvement retrofit to a LEED-CI Platinum standard, and the project was Certified for 102 points, the most ever awarded to a LEED-CI project in the world.

The highly energy efficient design resulted in a 37% overall reduction in annual energy use compared to a typical office building, while meeting or exceeding all of the requirements of the staff in terms of comfort and reliability. KTA incorporated design elements to showcase Integral Group’s role as pioneers in green mechanical systems engineering. Specially designed features include a glass and metal display cabinet to showcase the cutting edge, super efficient boiler. Another special feature is the reception desk that features a front panel of salvaged copper piping hydraulically pressed and sandwiched between glass, a play on Integral’s MEP services. We oversaw the salvage of materials and fabrication of this custom made panel. Recycled and salvaged materials are featured throughout and include room partitions made of salvaged wood and recycled content flooring tile.

We brought the project in at the standard T.I. allowance from the Landlord. This included the Integral Group’s new high-efficiency mechanical system and a careful lighting retrofit that includes addressable fixtures and daylight sensor controls. The materials used in the project contributed to the sustainability effort, including the use of recycled-content tile, acoustical board and wood products.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Rumsey Engineers
  • Location : 1537 Webster Avenue, Oakland, CA
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