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Arge Residence

New home in Russian Hill

New modern house on infill lot in San Francisco

The Arge family managed the impossible, purchasing an empty lot on San Francisco’s fashionable Russian Hill. There were severe limitations however, and without KTA’s intelligent and thorough design approach, the home might have offered little living space and natural light due to a small lot size, the close proximity of houses on either side, and city planning codes that appeared to limit the structure’s height.

KTA researched the planning code and determined a clever, code compliant way to add a fourth floor to the design. The top level, set back from the front and side of the house, offers extra living space and views of San Francisco Bay; more importantly, abundant natural light enters the home through this top floor. Had the structure been limited to three floors, the Owners would have had no view and significantly less access to sunlight.

Natural light is transported to the home’s lower levels by way of architectural features including a skylight, large windows at the front and back of the house and a stacked, open stairwell.

KTA provided several façade designs for the Owners’ consideration. The family favored a modern style, but asked KTA to introduce elements in keeping with the scale of details and features of the traditional homes of the neighborhood. KTA accomplished this with the attentive use of detailing, trim, and a curved bay window.

The 2,500-square-foot home is efficiently arranged to house two bedrooms, three baths, a sauna, wine cellar, two-car garage and an expansive family room.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Arge Family
  • Location : Russian Hill, San Francisco, CA
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