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Borel Eye Doctors

New eye doctors’ office in San Mateo

Bold and striking design creates a unique and memorable boutique eye doctor’s office

The Borel Eye Doctor’s office houses a combination of retail space selling glasses and lenses and an optometry practice with exam rooms. The challenge was to transform an ordinary tenant space into a bold, innovative optometry office that is easy for even a new customer to navigate.

As project designer, Klara Komorous-Towey introduced an axis that cuts diagonally across the rectangular space. The displays and offices are organized to either side of this axis. The geometric tension of the diagonal lends excitement to the space.

Each of the office’s functions – eyeglass frame sales, reception, waiting area, exam rooms, lab, doctor’s office – is set along the space’s perimeter for easy customer orientation. The use of changes in ceiling and floor patterns give each area of the shop its own identity. Counters and low walls serve to separate the individual spaces from the main floor area.

KTA designed the display area for maximum visual impact. Stepping fins and pilasters hold up glass shelves. The contact lenses are used as a decorative element and incorporated into the architecture. Warm colors put the patron at ease.

Customers say that the design is user friendly and yet dramatic. The client appreciates the office’s unconventional, eye-catching design that reflects the company’s innovative image.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Borel Eye Doctors
  • Location : San Mateo, CA
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