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Delmar Condominiums

Comprehensive renovation of entire building with new exterior

Complete transformation of 2 unit condo building in Haight-Ashbury

Mr. Robbins found and purchased a relatively inexpensive 2 unit residential property located in the upscale Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco. However, the affordability of the property reflects the bad existing conditions of this early 1960’s building. Komorous-Towey Architects helped Mr. Robbins transform this building into an high-end residential project incorporating numerous special amenities.

With KTA’s expertise on high-end residential projects, KTA was chosen to design and renovate this building into a modern condominium. KTA designed the building’s façade sympathetic to the Victorian character of the neighborhood. The resulting structure has a height and mass that blends well with the neighboring structures. The floor plans were designed to ensure the privacy of each owner by providing them private entrances and walkways to their units, private backyard and decks, and the absence of a shared wall. Daylight was brought into the lower unit via skylight. Furthermore, the rooms and functional areas were carefully arranged to utilize every square inch of available space.

Seismic upgrades were also completed together with current code requirements, structural reinforcement and the addition of an electrical and energy-efficient, radiant heating system.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Mr. Robbins
  • Location : Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, CA
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