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L Street Parking Structure

New parking structure in the Heart of historic downtown Livermore

Modern Parking structure designed to seamlessly integrate into historic downtown Livermore

Komorous-Towey Architects has been engaged to design a 500 to 600 stall parking facility to support the thriving historical downtown. The Livermore Village Development Project will displace most of the existing on-grade parking in the surrounding area. In order to preserve and enhance the vibrant retail and restaurant scene, the City needs to build a new parking structure to replace the the surface parking.

A very important design consideration is the context because the parking structure is located in the heart of historic downtown Livermore. The architectural style, the scale of building elements and the facade materials reflect the urban fabric surrounding the structure.

KTA has designed a very pedestrian friendly structure that includes sidewalks on every level. The design maximizes light, air and openness to the exterior for user comfort. A paseo is incorporated into the design tying the parking to the surrounding shops and businesses. Landscaping and patio hardscape further enhance the pedestrian experience.

KTA has been supporting the Livermore City staff in their work managing the project. We have prepared numerous studies and associated layout options on multiple sites, cost models, and projected operation and maintenance expenses. Additionally, we have aided with the developer selection and community outreach.

  • Status : On the Boards
  • Client : City of Livermore
  • Location : Livermore, CA
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