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Alameda Cineplex

Cineplex addition to the historic Timothy Pfluger-designed Alameda Theater


KTA designed a Cineplex addition for the City of Alameda’s historic Alameda Theater expansion

KTA was engaged by the City of Alameda to work with the developer of this public/private partnership to renovate the historic Timothy Pfluger-designed Alameda Theater. KTA’s task was to design the new 7-screen Cineplex building to be compatible with the historic theater and to have its own presence and identity as an integral part of the new three-building complex. The façade clearly expresses the functions behind the façade, with the undulating bay window treatment in the public areas on the Second Floor, the retail storefronts at ground level as well as the theater facades themselves.

The initial theater design by others lacked the sensitivity to the Historic Theater and received little support from the community and the City Council. The City commissioned KTA to redesign the Cineplex façade. KTA’s design was overwhelmingly supported and praised by the Alameda community as well as visitors. It was reviewed and approved by the California State Historic Preservation Office. The project has been very successful in revitalizing the local Park Street retail area as the City had expected.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : City of Alameda
  • Location : 1416 Oak Street, Alameda, CA
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