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66 Franklin Street

Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Building in Oakland’s Jack London Square

The first project of Oakland’s Jack London Square Redevelopment

The 66 Franklin project, encompassing a full block area, is centrally located in the Jack London Redevelopment project development area on the Oakland waterfront.

The former Haslett Warehouse, now known as 66 Franklin, was originally constructed in 1926 for the Lawrence Company. A third of the building’s east end facing Webster Street was demolished to make way for construction of the trans-estuary tube over to Alameda. The Port of Oakland remodeled the remaining portion of the old warehouse into a “modern’ office and restaurant complex in 1959. The original façade was cladded over with metal siding and aluminum windows, destroying its architectural character.

KTA restored the building to reveal its straight parapets, pilasters, and alternating bays marked by multi-paned windows with metal sashes. The original façade was repaired and the architectural profiles recreated to match the original design based on original drawings. The building was seismically strengthened to resist earthquakes. KTA also designed new awnings and building entrance.

On the interior, KTA provided a master plan for the building, worked with existing tenants on updating their spaces and designed T.I.’s for new tenants.

  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Ellis Partners LLC
  • Location : Jack London Square, 66 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA
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