Projects: Commercial

Lodi Stadium 12

Multiplex Movie Theater
Retail and Parking Facility
Lodi, CA

The Intent

The City of Lodi, in partnership with a private developer, planned a state-of-the-art movie theater plus retail space and parking facility. This facility was intended to revitalize the downtown area surrounding the new facility.

The Solution

KTA called on its extensive experience in both commercial and retail projects to create this combination theater, retail space and parking structure. Project architects applied their knowledge of Art Deco themes to create a building which reflects a modern interpretation of the Art Deco style from the grand era of movie theaters. The design is reminiscent of a past era and yet thoroughly modern.

The movie theater features 12 stadium style screens. Theaters incorporate stadium seating and the latest audio and visual technology. A concessions and game area within the theater adds activities to enhance the entertainment value as well as the revenues.

Retail space is located on two levels of the facility, providing activity during the day. Between the daytime retail uses and the theater in the evenings, the facility would be expected to be a lively place in the heart of Lodi around the clock. A large parking garage provides safe, convenient parking for shoppers during the day and moviegoers at night. The parking was placed above the theater to maintain lively retail and pedestrian activity on the street.

KTA, together with the Watry Design Group, worked closely with the developer and the theater operator who currently operates many movie theaters. This input on the operation, practical and financial requirements of a state of the art, multiple screen stadium style theater complex was incorporated by KTA into the layout and design of the structure. This would insure a successful, smoothly functioning theater and parking facility for both the developer and the patrons.


• 46,000 square feet total interior space
• 9,000 square feet of retail space
• 12 screens, 1900 seats
• 277 space parking garage

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